17 Ideas To Turn A Dark Apartment Into A Coastal Living Haven

So you love a coastal living decor but you live in a dark apartment somewhere in the northern hemisphere.  By dark, I mean you don't have the luxury of natural light flooding into your apartment through tall wide open windows.  

Indeed Decor  

Indeed Decor


You don't have white white walls--not even hardwood floors.  And enjoying the easy going, relaxed life style of coastal living can only be reached through a short vacation.  Still, you long to be there.

Elements for an east coast beach style decor

While it may not be possible to achieve sun drenched light against soft white walls, a sandy floor outside your door and blue blue water to view, there are some key elements you can bring into your apartment--namely through color, furnishings and accessories.  Let's start with color. 

East Coast Beach Colors for a Dark Apartment

When painting your apartment walls is an option, go for deep intense colors: navy or indigo blue; a deep turquoise; or even a deep coral. 

Navy and blue paired with contrasting white in soft furnishings and accessories is of course a classic nautical theme color scheme. The key is to add lots of lighting fixtures, especially in the corners and next to seating areas.  Add multiple lighting styles, such as ceiling lights, table and task lamps.  

This New York apartment uses accent walls in navy blue with white marbling walls, and a sofa, picture frames and lighting and other elements in white.  A few beach accessories, such as pictures and an over-sized sea shell would suggest the flavor of being near the ocean. 

apartment therapy

apartment therapy

Deep turquoise walls can always be made to reference the deep waters in the Caribbeans with a few beach-theme accessories.  Which accessories would you add to glam bedroom such as this one?

Of course, nothing is really set in stone, is it! The living room below brings together a lovely light turquoise on the wall and uses shades of blue in furnishings, the fire place, window treatment and accents. Did you notice the turquoise bench seat?

You may find coral a bit much for your dark apartment living room walls.  I'd have to agree.  However, it does work well in a small powder room, a bath room, even as an accent wall in a bedroom.  

When painting the walls is not an option and you're looking at apartment white walls, you can reverse where to add coastal colors.  Add these colors in soft furnishings and accents.  With this color scheme you can even go to a lighter hue in blues, turquoises and corals.

Here, against the white walls coral and blue come together beautifully to create a warm and restful reading vignette.

You can use lots of blues or turquoise in your accents, such as a gallery wall with beach and seaside blues against a white wall.  Note here how the blues make the white wall feel even whiter.

In the image below, the soft light turquoise pillow accent and ottoman keeps the white sofa from fading into a white wall.  Don't you just love the sea shell collection in the serving tray?

Elements For A Relaxed And Casual Look And Feel

If you want your east coast beach decor to look and feel more relaxed, add slip covers to your sofa and chairs.  Wicker furnishings softly speak relax "in this spot." Complement your furnishings with your beach theme accessories.

Elements For When You Already Have a Decor Scheme

You may have the same issues I have:  dark apartment with furnishings and other accessories already in place.  My living and TV rooms already have chocolate painted accent walls.  And I have taupe over-sized sofas.  Moreover, I actually live in a beach town!  But I'm excited having discovered two fabulous examples by just adding a beach theme gallery over a sofa wall.

source unknown

source unknown

Finally, Be Sure To Have Fun Displaying Your Beach Theme Accessories!

Here's smile-filled idea to remind you of your last vacation to blue waters, frame your flippers in a shadow box, add a little sand or netting and a star fish:

Ready to take the plunge and dare to re-make your dark apartment decor
with happier times at the beach?  Talk to me!  What's stopping you!