15 Apartment Balcony Decors From My Pinterest Collection

Wow!  I'm really excited that so many of my readers are as interested in apartment balcony decor as I am.  Clearly, we apartment dwellers love our apartment balconies.  So I thought I would share with you more of my favorite balcony decors from my Pinterest board.  

What great ideas they all have in common are

  • lots of color; 
  • lots of soft seating, back cushions and pillows; 
  • lovely places to eat and drink;  
  • a jungle or near jungle of plants; and
  • creative outdoor lighting. 

For more ideas and inspirations,

For my apartment balcony porch, I have a head start from last year. The hostas I planted in pots are just starting their new growth and my red bark maple has already leafed out. I'm just waiting for the pollen slow before I get into the full swing of freshening up my balcony.  I promise to share pictures on a future blog.

In the meantime, how sharing your plans with me.  
Would love to receive pictures of your balcony decor and plantings