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17 Light Airy Bedrooms With Ideas You Can Use

17 Light Airy Bedrooms With Ideas You Can Use

Whenever I see a light and airy bedroom, I can just feel the calmness oozing out all over myself.  They're just so inviting and comforting.  But it's not just the light pouring in from the windows that gives the feeling of peace and order, there other elements too.

Here are 19 examples of ideas you can use to create a light and airy bedroom--regardless of the amount of natural light you get.

  • Order in light airy bedrooms is one of elements of a peaceful feel.  Clutter is not allowed.  A half made bed suggests "rest and relaxation" but note here how everything else is in order.

  • White isn't the only color element.  Soft pastels of almost any color can be used.

  • A slip cover sofa, lots of pillows and a light rug work beautifully here that adds to the large window and white walls, flooding the room with lightness.  But note too the darker accents.  Clearly, you don't have to bleach the room in just white.

  • A tailored look with soft light colors can create a light and airy bedroom.  Note here how the turned-down sheet and comforter in white rests along with crisp ironed-white pillows that lay flat. 

  • Here's a wonderful mixture of ornate period pieces in the chandelier and mirror contrasting to the slipcover chairs and a modern platform bed and side table.  Note the soft blond colors of the furnishings to tone down the bright white in the rest of the room. 

  • Again, white need not dominate the room.  Just use soft and pastel colors.

   bulktrash   on tumblir

bulktrash on tumblir

  • You can warm up the room with deeper colors if used sparingly.

  • Note the use of texture, shapes and of course shapes in the furniture in this nearly all white light and airy bedroom.

  • A mirror, particularly a very large mirror, is a great accessory to use to reflect more light into a room.

Admittedly, there are lots of apartment bedrooms that get little natural light.  While it can be difficult to create a light and airy room, it's not impossible.  Here's a recap of elements to create a light airy bedroom even in a dark bedroom  ( This almost sounds like an oxymoron!) .  

  1. White walls.  Use a paint color that DOES NOT have a gray hue, preferably a pink or blue.  It would be best to test white paint on the walls and observe at different times of the day.  Most, if not all, paint manufacturers describe on their color charts the undertone color of the white paint.  Does it go without saying, be cognizant of when and how the sun comes into the room?
  2. White sheets is a definite.  You can use pastel colors in other elements from blankets, to a duvet to window treatment, to chairs, etc.
  3. Add as little or none if possible window treatment.  But if you must have draperies, keep them light in color.
  4. Remember, clutter in a light and airy bedroom doesn't make it so.  It'll just be a light room with a lot of visual-interfering stuff!
  5. If you don't get much natural light, be sure to add lots of artificial lighting such as a crystal chandelier, bed side and wall lights. Use daylight bulbs.
  6. A mirror is a great way to get reflected and ,of course, more light into the room.
  7. Try to stay away or at least limit using dark wood furniture.
  8. If you feel like you really need more color, remember a pop of color in accenting will do the job.

Although I love bedrooms with a light airy feel, I'm stuck with dark wood furniture, even a head and foot board.  My remedy will be to make light-quilted covers for them but continue to expose the beautiful turned-wood posts.  Window treatments will be added to help lighten up the room and probably a white shag area rug.

In short, anything is possible with just a bit of creative thinking.  Love those bedroom styles?  Get inspired, get creative, then do it!  But do let me know what you decide.  Would love to chat with you about your final project.  Send me a photo.  I'll post it too!

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