6 Styles, 15 Ideas And How to Create An Apartment Office In A Closet

If you're like I am, living in an apartment and desperate to find space for a home studio, you may be standing in the doorway of a closet and day dreaming how to make better use of it.  One option is an office in a closet.  I had once before used a closet as an office but it was very utilitarian.  This time I want something really cool and inviting.  And here's how I'll do it:

  • Start with a theme.  
  • Empty the closet
  • Decisions to make:  Take the door off or leave it on; leave doorway open or add drapes.
  • Decisions to make:  How much space for how much office furnishing
  • Decisions to make:  Shelving, keep what's there or replace it
  • Decisions to make:  Keep it clean and simple or warm it up with color, a wall gallery and object d'art
  • Decisions to make:  lighting - ceiling or desk  top, very bright or ambient cozy

Now let's look at some great examples.

Office in a Closet With Seating For A Co-Conspirator

Just the Basics, Please!

from homedit.com

Offices in a Closet with Touches of Pizzazz: 

Making the Best of a Tiny Space for an Office in a Closet:  

Elements of Contemporary for These Offices in a Closet:


Or Just The Clean, Classic Look for an Office in a Closet

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Well, I'm still at the decisions stage.  But I'm determined to get this project
off the drawing board! How about you?

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