19 Outrageously Fun Bookshelves

Even a book nerd would look up from a book to enjoy any one of these outrageously fun bookshelves.  Every apartment home deserves some levity, such as these imaginative yet very functional bookshelves.  

batman bookcase found on dose

batman bookcase found on dose

These next three outrageously fun bookshelves were found on Cuded.com where there are many more.


Finally, I'm not so sure that this diamond pattern bookshelf should be called outrageously fun.  I react to it with the kind of smile one gets when you're looking at sheer class.  The dark slate blue says serious reads here but the irregular placement of the books says, "Don't be afraid."  I like it, a lot.

I'm curious.  What kind of outrageously fun bookshelf would
you put in your apartment?  Or would you?