Decorative Throw Pillows On Sale! Change Out Your Covers!


You may be looking around your apartment and thinking how drab it had become.  You decide you need color, color and more but you don't want to paint the walls.  A new sofa is not in the plan.  And you're not ready to commit to a big decorating project.  Hey, add some decorative throw pillows.  Whether or not you already have too many throw pillows or none at all, here's an inexpensive option.

Invest in a good pillow insert.  Then buy throw pillow covers that you can change out with the seasons or even your mood.  Start, and yes here I'm shamelessly promoting professionally hand made pillow covers by me, Shirley.  I'm having an inventory clear out sales with a great discount because I'm transitioning to fun embroidered word pillows.

Head over to Pillows Sale Out, select a pair of covers (most come in pairs),
then at check out, enter code:  winter2016.

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