A Perfect Way To Crush Ice In A Blender

Annsliee Frosty Margarita

Annsliee Frosty Margarita

It's really quite easy to perfectly crush ice in a blender when you know the right steps:

  1. Drop ice cubes into the blender glass.
  2. Let them rest for 5 minutes.  A tiny bit of moisture or melting will occur.  This will aide in giving friction with the blades once you start.
  3. Pulse using the chop setting about 5-10 times depending upon how many ice cubes you add.
  4. Pour in your flavor content, such as alcohol mixture.
  5. On chop setting, blend until all ice cubes are completely crushed.

Some Important Notes:

  • On Blenders:  If you are in the market for a blender, get one that has a narrow glass base.  The blades will better push the content up into the glass. This better circulates the content upward.  A wide base glass allows some content to settle under the blades.  Thus, it is necessary to frequently stop and using a wooden spoon manually stir up the content under the blade to above the blade.  Very annoying.  
  • How much Alcohol to use:  Because you will be using lots of ice, you may need to add extra alcohol than what your recipe calls for.
  • First chill your glass(es) and your alcohol.  This will really keep your drink chilled.

How I made my Frosty Margaritas

I used 35 ice cubes and 3.5 ounces of a margarita mix per 10 ice cubes.  My glasses and the alcohol mix were pre-chilled.  I lined the rim of the glasses with lime and dipped the rim into coarse salt.  Following the steps above, I used a Jose Cuervo Golden Margarita (tm) mix.  This approach turned out to be a bit pricey.  This is a wonderful margarita mix that includes Grande Marnier(r).  But the frosting really required a lot of the mixture, at least for my taste.  Generally, I just shake the mixture in ice in a glass jar and then strain it into a rim salted martini glass.  When frosting, I think I would just make the margarita from scratch.



Know of a better way?  Or know another trick to crushing ice in a blender?  
Please do share.  Would love to hear from you!