9 Romantic Table Settings For Two

Here are nine romantic table settings for two, add the meal and wine and you have the perfect prelude for romance--and an intimate tête-à-tête.   If you want to make it a transitional setting, you can always subtract and add elements to make it so or any style that suits your romantic occasion. 

My all time most favorite romantic set for two:  

This is just exquisite.  Note the neutral colors or taupe, rich cocoa brown and wood table are paired with gold glass ware, vase, flatware and a mixed colors of red roses, as well as other flowers and greens.  I love the subliminal message of the animal print.

This next lovely comes from Martha Stewart:  coffee table for two.  It comes with a menu and recipes too!

The Menu
Plateau de Fruits de Mer with Two Sauces
Roasted Fennel and Artichoke Hearts
Rack of Lamb with Mustard Sauce
Chocolate Pots de Creme
— Martha Stewart

The romantic dinner setting for two below is just sooo cute!  I wouldn't change a thing, except adding lit candles. 

French Larkspur blogspot on Vintage French Inspired Living

French Larkspur blogspot on Vintage French Inspired Living

Peak of Chic blogspot for Remembering Joe Nye

Peak of Chic blogspot for Remembering Joe Nye

When a gift is on the menus, what could be more inviting then the table setting below:

Wayfair.com  romantic table for two

Wayfair.com  romantic table for two

On your deck, a lake house or just on vacation this romantic spot sparkles with lights.  Of course, the dusk-filled sky and water view punctuates the ambiance.

Could you resist the elegance of a Ralph Lauren table for two!  As for me, no!  Just take me there.  Such a setting can easily be translated to the indoors in front of a fireplace.

Ralph Lauren inspired

Ralph Lauren inspired

This lovely setting is from French Wedding Style with an invitation to where else -- a wedding in France!  If you can't make it to France and you're getting married or you're already married, there's no reason you can't be inspired to simply set the occasion in your backyard against the largest tree.  In fact, any park or wooded area where the two of you can sit under the magic of a big old tree.


To make the picnic setting more transitional, just change out the accessories:  

  • contemporary decorative pillows (preferably solid in fabrics of velvet or linen)
  • plain white linen tablecloth
  • tall candle stick holders but not ornate
  • wine or champagne glasses with simple lines

I absolutely adore the romantic table for two in this next one.  The great hearth, plaid tartan table topper (a throw), pink stripe floor length table cloth and silver metal chairs all give the feel of a country setting.  

You can easily transform this to a upscaled but still warm and romantic setting in your own apartment where there is a fireplace.  If you want to make it a bit more transitional with neutral colors and just a splash of red or even pink, remember tartan also comes in other colors, such as browns and beige.  Use it as the topper with a crisp white or even black floor length table cloth.  Use gold trimmed dinner plates and flatware and simple crystal wine glasses. 

Any day with your sweetie is a Happy Valentine Day.  You don't really have to wait until February 14.

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Whatever the occasion, Happy Romantic Table Setting For Two!

Would love to hear your plans on your next table setting for two.  Please, do share!