Five Sexy Glamorous Translucent Seats With Faux Fur

Here are five inspirational vignettes where you can create a sexy glamorous translucent seat with faux fur.   Allow yourself to feel really special when blogging, traipsing through the internet and just answering email in a Hollywood style setting.  Or just add a bench or cube stool.

For a desk seating, it's really quite simple:  add a contemporary desk with a little jewel detailing such as the gold nob pulls; a contemporary lamp; a short bouquet of flowers (every major grocery store carries lovely flowers); clean contemporary desk organizers; and your favorite modern painting or a large portrait photo.  If you have a window available to you, be sure to frame it with classy but simple draperies.  No window, just add mirror over the desk.  And of course, dress up the co-star:  a translucent chair with faux fur.  Who's the star?  Why you of course!   

See what mean.  No window.  Not a problem.  Add a lovely mirror over the desk.  It will complement the co-star:  your translucent chair with a comfy faux fur, your throne.

Here's a fabulous bench with acrylic legs.  The cushion is topped with a faux fur, of course.

No room for a bench?  Try this acrylic cube stool softened with a beautiful faux fur.  You can get it at Clayton Gray Home.  See link below. 

available at clayton gray home

available at clayton gray home

Ah, my very favorite:  Louis Ghost Chairs by Kartell.  I have four of them but had never thought to add faux furs.  My apartment decorating plans includes a change to that scenario.  My wish list includes a couple of faux furs my lovely Louis'.

Translucent or acrylic furnishings has really become quite popular.  And I hope this trend extends to making them a classic piece of furniture to own.  Adding faux fur to them is simply a marvelous decor and comforting touch.  My personal recommendation would be purchase both pieces from a reputable dealer to insure you are getting quality.  

For the faux fur, I would recommend wool as the content.  Flokati faux fur in wool can be purchased from  I've had great service from this company.  Still, there are of course other vendors.  

For Translucent furnishings, I would always recommend a vendor that sells the Kartell collection.  See my post on Designs That Fascinate:  Translucent Furniture

Looking to hear from you!  And would love
to see your sexy glamorous transparent seat with faux fur.  
I promise to share mine:)