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13 Stylish Kitchen And Dining Spaces For Studio Apartments

13 Stylish Kitchen And Dining Spaces For Studio Apartments

I'll stop here and admit that on one hand I marveled over the challenges and fabulous solutions by people living in studio apartments.  (See the further reading list below for other posts on decors for studio apartments.)  On the other hand, I found many studio apartment kitchen and dining area on the internet depressingly boring.  Unlike the stunning examples above and those to follow, I couldn't help but feel there simply must be a better way to enjoy the real comforts of a home however small it may be.  

And so I began to analyze how these examples here so successfully achieved lovingly small spaces to retreat to.  Some I analyze how it works, others I suggest alternatives and challenge you to discover alternatives, and some I simply sat back and admire. Here are the 13 stylish kitchen and dining spaces for studio apartments.  

Micro Unit Apartment

I Included the image below because, as well as a good design, it has strong interior decorating elements:  contrasting colors, different shades or the sames color and a good selection of varying patterns mixed with solid colors.  It has lots of good lighting that ward off dark, shadowy corners.  Yes, the bed is really at the ceiling; still, it's a fun and efficient layout.

Great Decor Below But Could You Improve Upon It?

The studio below is very nicely laid out.  Colors beautifully contrast in neutral black and white and is then warmed up by the strawberry red wall in the sleeping area.  I love the floor length draperies attractively finished with a box valance at the top.  It gives vertical height and distracts from the smallness of the room. However, there are opportunities for improvement in the dining area.  It's looks lonely.  So what can be done?

  • One option would be to add a narrow table or even a wall shelf above the heat register.  Add plants, a glass collection such as vases or another but functional collection of items that would not fade from the sun rays.  This set up would redirect heat and air conditioning towards the table which could be uncomfortable.   
  • Option two:  Continue with the first one but move the table closer to the sofa.
  • Option three:  Add an area rug under the dining rug.  Preferably, one that has texture.  It could be a solid color or a pattern of colors (a conservative pattern) that compliment the whole room.
  • Option four:  Because the white kitchen dominates a large area, add more of the color black to the kitchen counter.  This can be done by replacing the items on the left with just one to three larger items in black, such as a black container holding wooden spoons, etc.

Other Studio Apartment Kitchen And Dining That Work

Here, notice how the wood tone is brought throughout the studio apartment.  Is there room to bring the table away from the window wall?  What do you think?

The studio apartment below is wonderfully designed with lots of light from a window wall.  And the layout is nice.  But how would you place the furniture?  Do you see the dilemma in moving the TV so that it could be comfortably viewed from the sofa?  Can you see how moving the sofa so that you're not just looking at a kitchen?   Would it be nicer to move the dining area to the window and frame it in a garden setting--a large tree, a few plants?  

Of course, not seeing the whole floor plan is a disadvantage.  Still, this is a great exercise in seeing how to define a dining area without having spent a dime. 

In this next image, the white kitchen cabinets and stainless steel appliances stand out against black walls and and dark blue furnishings and linen.  Mirrors on the sliding glass doors in the sleeping area reflects light and makes the room feel larger.  Note the recessed lighting throughout the space, and particularly in the under counter kitchen lights--keeping the whole space from becoming dark and shadowy.    (Pssst:  you can easily install under counter lighting.)

Tips That Create Stylish Studio Apartment Kitchen And Dining

Okay, let's stop here and talk about what makes these studio apartment work.  Writing for this post, I found lots of very unattractive, in fact down right bleak studio apartments.  I won't include any of them here but what I noticed that distinguished the examples above from those I didn't choose were these:

  • COLOR.  Dark colors or light or warm or neutral or even repeating a color, the studio apartments above have lots of contrasting colors.  Even one large-space accenting color brings inviting interest to a room
  • TEXTURE.  For example, the one above, shows texture in the woven chair against the smoothness of the wood table and the high gloss white cabinets.  The fabric too offers texture.  The back splash and the wall opposite appear to be textured grass cloth.  Even if it's not, it appears so in design.  
  • LOTS OF LIGHTING.  The windows of course are a nice bonus, but where natural light is lacking,  mirrors and lots of artificial lighting can be added, especially to brighten up those dark, shadowy corners of the room.
  •  NO CLUTTER.  Yes, this can be difficult to achieve in small spaces.  But I would say, small cluttering items can be organized.  Small matching storage units can be added.  Even if it's boxes, paint them all the same color and stack attractively.

More  Inspirations to Give A Home Life to Studio Apartment Kitchen And Dining Space

 From   VRBO  , a Paris studio apartment 

From VRBO, a Paris studio apartment 

I absolutely love the next studio apartment design for its creative island and how it picks up the color and texture of the divider screen opposite it.  Behind the divider screen is the sleeping area. 

As you will see in the next three images below, the floor plan, colors, selected furnishings and wall unit storage have all the elements of a real place to rush home to.  This place is just gorgeous. Yes, small can be and is beautiful when done right.


Wall Units

And finally, I just had to show one more stunning wall.  It  not only dramatizes the studio apartment but its functionality makes it really worth the investment.  Ikea units are wonderful sources because you can add to them as you budget allows.  Note also in this next image, although you can only see a tiny bit of it, but in the upper right corner there is a loft bed.  Below it is a sectional unit with an ottoman that can be use for an additional serving area, seating area, and a place to stretch out and rest legs and feet.

One more very important decorating design point is this: regardless of what the budget will allow, invest in at least one statement piece. Then design around it.  Even the tiniest or largest studio apartment kitchen and dining area can be designed to give a feeling of a comforting home, a fun place to cook with a glass of wine--and even pack in a few friends. 

Additional Readings on tips for Studio Apartment Decor:


Live in a studio apartment?  I hope you were inspired.  So now get creative and make it stylish home to "get real."  Let me know what you think.  Leave a comment.  Like the post.  And you're more than welcome to contact me with questions, ideas or just a chat.

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