Foodie & Drink Hangout: Watermelon Martini

Welcome home.  It's the end of the day, possibly even a long commute, you just walked into your apartment and you're ready to 'get real.'  That is, relax.  Well, it's summer so why not start with a watermelon martini.  

Watermelon Martini

Watermelon Martini


1-2/3 oz/5cl Vodka
quarter slice watermelon
dash of fresh lemon juice

Putting it together:

  • Put the melon in the bottom of a shaker (or any deep container).
  • Muddle to release the flavor and color.  (If you don't have a muddler tool, use any soft flat, preferably wood, tool in your kitchen.  I used a glass pitcher and wood rolling pin!)
  • Add ice cubes and vodka.  (I had poured the muddled juice into a jar filled with ice.  Add the vodka and dash of fresh lemon juice.)
  • After giving the mixture a good few shakes (not stirred:)), I poured the watermelon martini into a martini glass.
  • Add a lemon strip for garnish.  (You can use a lemon zester for the garnish, such as this one from OXO.)

This is a simple recipe from Complete Home Bartender's Guide by Salvatore Calabrese, page 127.  As you can see this is a very simple recipe for watermelon martini.  The hardest part is muddling but it's a good way to work off any stress you may be feeling!



Interesting Notes:

When purchasing vodka and deciding on which volume, the sales associate described it this way:  40% is for talking; 80% is for dancing; and 100% is for well ... just jumping!  


Approximate nutritional value FOR ONE SERVING based on 80% proof vodka: