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Anatomy Of A Studio Apartment Decor

Anatomy Of A Studio Apartment Decor

Typically, a studio apartment is one large room.  It combines living, sleeping and cooking spaces.  Often the bathroom is a separate room which of course opens into the main one room.   Floor space can be very large or even very small, often one wall with window(s) and eight foot ceilings (or with high ceilings if you are fortunate).                   


When a studio apartment presents itself to you, there are five things you will want to look for according to an article written by Niccole Schreck USA News, My Money.

  1. Plenty of vertical space -- to counter the small horizontal space
  2. Ample storage -- a solution to clutter in the main room which makes the room appear large
  3. Natural light to make the room appear larger -- and preferably with windows facing east or west 
  4. Full-sized appliances -- especially if you enjoy cooking.  And hopefully, thought it not often offered, a dishwasher, washing machine and dryer
  5. Liveable space -- sufficient for a living area, sleeping space and kitchen that doesn't make you feel like you are in cubby hole.

I would add a sixth item to look for and that is a bathroom with a door.  You will definitely want the privacy when you have guests.  And there is no reason you shouldn't enjoy the company of your friends in your own home space--however small it may be.

Have you noticed what really makes these studio apartments work in that they are lovely examples of a well decorated room?  I selected these examples just for these reasons:

  • Functional spaces are clearly marked in each of them.
  • Well made, beautiful beds
  • The rooms are small; yet, furnishing pieces we would expect to be in the designated living areas are included, such as coffee tables and window treatments
  • Storage pieces that do double duty 
  • No clutter, everything has its place (Okay, you may be saying, "Sure everything is in its place because of the photo shoot!")
  • A beautiful complimentary color palette 
  • Patterns mixed with solid colors where the eye can rest
  • Wonderful accessories that warm and personalize the room:  decorative pillows, books, lots of art pieces, and flower arrangements
  • Excellent central lighting but lighting that also illuminates the corners of the room
  • An area rug (excluding the last one above)
  • As you'll see below, draperies and bookcases are used to create "zones"  

Let's look at a few more studio apartment decors:

Don't you just love that chandelier in the "dining" area.  What a fabulous unexpected touch!  And of course the herringbone flooring is to die for!

This is such a beautiful white room with the freshness of the bed and being able to wake up to a warm sun on your face.  The yellow pillow and flowers offer just enough color splash to invite a happy feeling.

Here's another white studio apartment decor.  The white sheer drapery used to mark off the sleeping area. doesn't provide complete privacy and that's intentional.  It does, however, screen off the sleeping area and retains the openness of the room. 

This studio apartment is distinguished with bookcases that further mark the functional "zones."  Note the use of beautiful pieces of art.

And finally, I just want to point out how the dramatic city view is complemented by the large, dramatic painting. This studio apartment has a spacious feel, it's modern and just downright classy. 

Living in a studio apartment?  Make the most of it.  Make it beautiful.  Make it happy and classy to live it.  Size doesn't really matter, it's what you put in it:)


I would love to hear from you
if you or someone you know lives in a studio apartment!  
Share the experience and the decorating scheme.  Have a dilemma?  Share that too!

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