Dump The Wing Chair, Get A Swing

Every apartment deserves at least one very special piece of furnishing that is unexpected and fun.  Having a swing in the apartment gives the edge of thinking outside of the "decorating box."  Why not just dump the wing chair, get a swing.  

Here are some very classic styles perfect for apartment living inside and outside on the balcony.  Before we get started with a little inspiration, consider how the swing chair will be installed. If it will be hung from the ceiling, professional assistance should be sought.  Know the maximum weight the swing can hold.  Most importantly, how will repairs be made to the ceiling should you decide to move out of the apartment.  This style requires less floor space and offers visual "freedom."  That is, it seems to hang in the air.

For a swing that will hang from a floor stand, the most important consideration is how much space will it "eat up." Just be sure to carefully measure your available space and compare that to the dimensions of the stand.  This style is easy to install. It's mobile; thus, it can be easily moved around the apartment or on the balcony.   And of course, it can be easily moved to a new apartment. 


This is the pod swing hanging on a stand.  Note how the cushions offer comfort, color and texture.  The circular stand on the bottom appears to take up little floor space.  Below are some resources for purchases a pod swing and stands.

Not Quite Convinced on a swing for the apartment?  Check out these fabulous vignettes with chair swings!

little green notebook.blogspot.com

little green notebook.blogspot.com

little green notebook blog

little green notebook blog

For that very casual, youthful look comes these macrame chair swings. They have a lovely light and ethereal look and feel. 

from Expormim

There are so many other fascinating swing styles.  However, I selected these because they can easily fit in a floor stand should installment from a ceiling not be possible.  Stands can be purchased separate from such places as Target, and very inexpensively.  But mostly, these examples of chair swings are to inspire.  The chairs are wonderful for nurseries, living rooms and balconies.

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Ready to step out of the humdrum decor box and add a bit of pizzazz?


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