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Looking For Your Decorating Style?

Looking For Your Decorating Style?


You can call your mix-matched furnishing, colors and patterns the eclectic decorating style.  Even though in your heart you really don't know what is your style.  So let's say that secretly (in your heart) you want help in identifying your decorating style.  Perhaps this will help.  It did for me.

Here's a fun, short quiz written by Houzz contributor, Mitchell Parker : Houzz Quiz: What's Your Decorating Style?  I just took the quiz and was surprised that on six out of seven points, it nailed my style:  contemporary.  (The irony is that I wrote a  two part post on Why I Love The Transitional Style, here's Part II. Of course, you know that transitional style is a blend of traditional and contemporary, right?  But I digress.)

Back to the quizz:  there are nine short multiple choice questions.  Answering all nine questions immediately gives you your results.  Here's a quick list of the questions:

 image From houzz article What's your decorating style?

image From houzz article What's your decorating style?

  • What is your ideal pet?
  • Which of these colors do you love to decorate with?
  • Which is your drink of choice?
  • Where would you most want to live?
  • Which best describes your bedroom dresser?
  •  Who would you like to have over for dinner?
  • What would you prefer to hang on your living room walls?
  • What's your favorite kind of restaurant?
  • What kind of flowers do you prefer?

However, there is one point that I always like to make when identifying your style
which is important to getting your decorating style right:

It's simple.  Go to your wardrobe closet and note the dominate colors you had selected.  What is the fabric texture?  Does your fashion lean towards what is trendy, what is traditional or what is traditional but has a contemporary reinterpretation.  I think this will help to refine your results or at least give something more to think about.

Okay, your turn.  Get on over to Houzz.  Take the quiz.  
I'm leaving a window open for you to return and share your results.
most importantly, have fun! 


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