Apartment Bike Storage Ideas - Fun And Classy


For the average apartment dweller, there simply isn't apartment storage for bikes.  They're left to embrace sharing their apartment decor with the bike in full view.  In all honesty, most bicycles are so fabulous in design and function that displaying them in full view is akin to displaying a beautiful art piece.  

I'm a person who believes there is always room to make our apartment living fun, beautiful and classy--that goes for storing or I should say "displaying" our prized bicycles. 

Below are some great ideas for small apartment bike storage.


I absolutely love this creative solution with two bikes for bike storage in a small apartment.  Discovered in on Flickr.  It's a cable construction that runs from ceiling to floor.  What set's this apart from so many other two-bike vertical storage is how attractively it fits in with the apartment decor.  A hot-red, over-sized bike poster in a black frame is the back drop for the bikes.  The poster is also part of the art gallery.  

From Mikili, this minimalistic wall bike rack is clean and simple.  It's lovely play on the geometric form of a square within a square.  The inside square open out as a platform that supports the bike and also providing space for keys and other small pocket items.  The wall bike rack on the right is a shelf that houses a drawer where those small items can be stored.  Both constructions provide storage space and reduce clutter. 

Slit black from mikili.de

Slit black from mikili.de

Tian (white and oak) from mikili

Tian (white and oak) from mikili

Olé! Bravo is what comes to my mind with this fun, clean and just down right cool wall bike rack.  The design, byAndreas Scheiger, re-purposes bike handle bars, stem and seat.  It's then mounted on a oval wood plate.


"moreno" by  andreas scheiger

"moreno" by  andreas scheiger

I'm not a huge fan of storing bikes over a sofa.  But the reality is that may be the only space available.  There are very attractive ways to do it, such as painting the wall or making the wall dramatic.  Or you can invest in a sofa that makes a design statement that compliments that gorgeous bike. 


For you DIY'ers, here is a project for constructing a wall mounted bike rack from a used bike handle bar and plumbing pieces. It was designed and constructed by Kyle Wilson.  I found instructions along with a copy of the receipt on Minimal-ism.  Try your hand with it but don't forget the decor aspects.              


My absolute favorite design for an apartment bike storage in plain view in the apartment; yet, beautifully fits in a small apartment decor.  The design is by Chilean Manuel Rossel.  His design combines a fabulous book case and bike storage.  As he describes it, "It's a way to optimize space that's scarce in urban centers," he adds. "If you already store your bike inside, it's a way to avoid marking the walls."  

There are of course many more types of bike racks suitable for apartment storage.  For additional examples for bike racks, see BRIT ^ CO.  My focus is here is that whatever type you choose and is best for you, you can do it decoratively attractive.  Incorporate your indoor bike rack into the larger decor scheme.   

If you're wondering how I've handled storing my bicycle in my apartment.  I haven't!!  My bike sits in a storage unit about 20 minutes away.  The bike weights a ton and I live two flights up on the second floor.  I am in fact in search of a light weight folding bike.  I suspect when I get it, it will be stored in a dining room that I use a small TV room.  I'm great fan of alternate use of a room!

One thing's for sure:  It's never too soon to learn to protect and store treasured wheels!  

Learning to protect and store your wheels can starts at an early age, at least it did for the owner of this tricycle! LOL!



So what's been your solution for an indoor bike rack for storage?  Did you consider incorporating your bike within your decor?  Or did it simply not matter!  


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