Cool Apartment Balcony Lighting Ideas

fairy string ligthing from Save On Crafts   

fairy string ligthing from Save On Crafts   

It's the end of the day. And it's wonderful to just sit on your apartment balcony under the stars--with no lights both in the apartment and the balcony.  Other times, you want lighting to read, to create an intimate ambiance or to entertain friends. 

Here are some cool apartment balcony lighting ideas:  Get inspired.  Get Creative.  Enjoy your balcony.

A very popular outdoor lighting for apartment balconies is string lights. They're fun and versatile, creating ambiances from a party-like room to a very intimate setting.  A series of large bulbs are usually attached to electrical wiring and of course connect to an electrical outlet. Bulbs are enclosed or not in a variety of materials, such as rice paper. Some string lights with bulbs are actually powered by solar. There are also a series of lovely tea candles in decorative containers attached to a "string-like" material.    

Three types of string lights are shown here. The bulb style as discussed above; led lights, sometimes called "fairy" string lights. They're shaped like tear drops on very flexible metal wire and are battery operated.

These vintage style outdoor string lights perfectly complement a casual or cottage chic apartment decorated porch, such as the lights these from Lumens:

I love the tea lights in a bulb, especially when used in multiples.  They almost give the impression of starlight.  I think the one below is soooo cool. They can be purchased from Not On The, and ships from the UK in about 10 days. 


I absolutely adore these firefly or "fairy" string lights from Urban Outfitters.  In the close up you can see how easy it is to bend the wires into whatever shape you need.  The dew drop led lights are cool to the touch.  It's battery powered, water proof and 7.5" long.  

"Fairy" string lights also come in bendable silver wire which can be found at Save On Crafts.  I once used them as part of a tablescape. It was stunning!  Whatever you want to call them, they're gorgeous and versatile.        

Urban Outfitters , Firefly  Battery Powered String Lights                                                                                          

Urban Outfitters , Firefly  Battery Powered String Lights                                                                                          

My most favorite modern and clean chandelier can be made as a DIY project or you can purchase it in an upscale version.

DIY Bubble chandelier

DIY Bubble chandelier

Detailed instructions on how to make it yourself for less than $70 can be found on Apartment Therapy    The bubbles can also be used as other fabulous decorative accents.  They're inexpensive and can be purchased at  


I don't think you would want to put this upscale version of the bubble chandelier on your small apartment balcony.  Still, I just had to share with you the bubble chandelier in it's more polished finish.  It's made by Pelle Designs and it's just gorgeous!  The bubble chandelier below is made in satin brass and dark brown leather cording.


Perfect for the casual, light-hearted decor of a small apartment balcony, the lighting below is a wall light that is fun and imaginative. You can get it customized with just one letter or letterings!  Made by Light Source, it's designed with small light bulbs on metal.  

I must admit, I hunted for an outdoor floor lamp suitable for lighting and decorating small balconies.  But I didn't find just that right one.  I'm sure it's out there.  If you know of one, please don't hesitate to let me know!

Phase one for my apartment living project is decorating the porch.  It's about a third complete.  Lighting is on the design plan. Although I haven't made final decisions on lighting, it definitely includes the fairy string lights.

So how about you?  What's your apartment balcony lighting?  
In the works? Or already completed?  Please do share. 


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