OMG! The Original Annsliee Dot Com Is Now Annsliees Dot Com

It's a domain name nightmare!  Forget to renew your domain and someone else buys it on auction.  And then peddles the domain name and its branding for thousands of dollars.  Ever had it happen to you?  Well, it did to me, Shirley Byrd, owner and blogger for ANNSLIEE.

Actually, I had forgotten to update my email address with my domain provider, GoDaddy, and had unfortunately missed the renewal notice.  But thanks so much to the tech help there, we found a solution.

My business name and website name are still ANNSLIEE.  After all, it's a play on my middle name.  I still write about apartment living, transitional and other decor styles and dining with pizzazz.  I still write about those things that so matter to us apartment dwellers:  from where to find the things we need that make our apartments a home to dining with style to making our "stuff fit" with our life styles to gardening--apartment style. Only my new domain name has changed: ANNSLIEES.COM.  Just be sure to add the "s" at the end.  

Maybe I'll call my "new" site ANNSLIEE'S BLOG or just leave it as ANNSLIEES.COM.  

A gentle warning:  keep and keep up with your domain name.  Maybe you didn't know it has value!

If you've "been there, done that," let me know. How did you move forward?