15 Inspirational Roof Top Terraces And Balconies From My Houzz IdeaBook

I love browsing through Houzz.com for ideas and inspirations.  It showcases a treasure trove of indoor and outdoor designs by very talented professional designers.  And I love sharing my finds with you.  In my sidebar, you'll find my complete selection of inspiring designs for apartments--and for any style, not just transitional.

As I venture through my downsizing experiences and write about it, my focus has now shifted to My Balcony Porch Garden:  Year One.  Working with what I already have and fitting it into a transitional style is a challenging and fun.  That brings me to some of my most favored designs discovered on Houzz.  Here are 15 of them.

When you're blessed with a roof top terrace, the sky is the limit:

Houzz for Dufner Heights Inc.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE, LOVE THIS NYC TERRACE GARDEN!  Very contemporary, very clean and simple yet very comforting.

For those of us with covered balconies and porches, a cozy, comforting design works very well--even when we have to stretch out our necks to see the sky.


The take away from all of these designs are simplicity, comforting outdoor furnishings; limited but significant gardening designs in containers; and total inclusion of the outdoors.  Editing is critical, as with a simple color palette.  Most important is take your cue from nature.

And how does your terrace garden grow?  

On please, do share.  Would love to hear from you.