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Annsliee Happenings: Featured Textile Artist

I've definitely been a bit busy these past few weeks.  I actually made it to being featured artist at theArtWorks(tm) Fourth Friday Gallery Walk, held April 24.  That's me, Shirley Byrd, in the yellow top.  And now I'm the budding textile artist in mixed media.  I was such a nervous wreck that I forgot to take photos! Luckily, I had a neighbor who was kind enough to "hang" with me through the event and friends who did take photos.  Here's a few of them:

So when I'm not writing about transitional decor design for apartment living, treasure hunting life sayings for fun embroidered word pillows, I'm exploring colors using acrylic paint on silk organza, gauze and chiffon.  My most favorite media is definitely acrylic on silk organza.  Here's a closer look at the "Loose Ends" piece you saw in the background above: 

 "loose ends" acrylic on silk organza textile art.

"loose ends" acrylic on silk organza textile art.

Gold embroidered thread hangs from the ends of seams.  A garden scene is faintly pencil sketched in the center.  The poem, printed on acrylic painted lutradur, reads as follows:

Ever looked in a window
And wanted to go in?
You looked and looked
Not knowing where to begin.
— shirley byrd

Here's an excerpt from my artist profile:

Artist’s Statement:

At age seven, I had a needle in my hand making doll clothes from fabric scraps left over from my grandmother’s sewing projects.  She was a seamstress and a quilter.  She taught me how to sew; how to design and cut patterns from newspaper; and how to make garments. 

Contemporary textile artists opened my eyes to processes and infinite possibilities in designing and creating art with textiles in mixed media.  For me, the visual richness and tactile characteristics of natural fibers are the most attractive to work with.  I am particularly drawn to creating abstract art.  From there, I love exploring colors and revealing their effects in the translucency of silk organza, gauze and chiffon.  Using a variety of stitching techniques, I can develop form and movement in compositions.  Processes such as scorching, printing and poems are just a few of the embellishments I use to interpret favorite themes I find in nature and in life.

My current work is heavily influenced by textile artists Alysn Midgelow-Marsden of New Zealand and Chunghi Lee, an internationally known Korean textile artist, whose works in pojagi inspire and challenge me.  I would be remiss if I did not give thanks to Janet Sessoms, one of  theArtWorks ™ resident artists, who generously gives me advice and guidance; and whose work in capturing light and shadow I so admire.  

I'm excited to get my next art piece out of my head and onto fabric.   

Oh, did you notice how well my studio is coming along?  New lights with more to come and my Jackson Pollock inspired painted floor.  I still have some finishing touches to add, such as painting and a new awning.  And of course, lots more fun embroidered word pillows and art.

Care to let me know what you think?  Would love to hear from you.  

Like, what's your art preference!

theArtWorks(tm):  North Carolina's First Art Village

theArtWorks(tm): North Carolina's First Art Village

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