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Five Elements For A Dreamy White Bedroom

Five Elements For A Dreamy White Bedroom

You've seen them.  Right?  White bedrooms that too often just look sterile.  So how do you create a white bedroom one where you are invited to day dream and let your thoughts float?

1.  Add Shades of White in Layers

The above bedroom was designed for two girls.  The soft pink colors in the lamp, the blanket and the pompoms are wonderful accents to the white.  The designer explains that she had used layers of whites to create that dreaminess.  On the wall, she had used a white with a blue shade.  However, on the head and foot board, she used 

two different shades of whites when painting their beds.
I first painted a layer of Decorator’s White on their beds, and then lightly brushed on a coat
of White Dove. Both colors are Benjamin Moore colors.
I like to use two different shades of whites when painting my furniture...
— Maria Carr

2.  Vary The White Textures 

What a beautiful dreamy white bedroom.  It's elegant and classy.  Yet, it achieves its dreaminess through different textures found in its elements:  tufted headboard; smooth white linen; the nap in the blanket; a piled rug and smooth surfaces in the table and globe lamps.  Shades of white are also found in the linen versus the rug, blanket and draperies.  

3. Let Natural sunlight flood the room

Think beach!  Wear sunglasses if you must.  But natural sunlight flooding a room and warming your face is simply magical.  It invites gentle, loving thoughts to float through your mind--as it does in the image below.  Note how the free flowing bed netting transforms the bed to a wonderland, and you too if you were in that bed!   

4.  Invoke Classical Romantic Elements

The dreamy white bedroom below creates a magical, romantic touch with the 18th century bergère chairs; an ornate white-framed leaning floor mirror; and understated chandelier while mixing in a touch of modern pieces found in the drum lamp shade.

5.  Add Flowing Shear Curtains

Of course, soft full draperies will do the job (see the second image above) but if at all possible, go for the timeless look of flowing shear draperies or curtains.  Sunlight  and a soft breeze gently moving shear fabric simply put just can't be beat for its invitation to day dreaming!

   Houzz   for Woodmeister Master Builder

Houzz for Woodmeister Master Builder

Living in an apartment where your choice may be limited to white walls doesn't mean you can't work with it to create a space that caresses you.  A dreamy white bedroom can do just that:  caress and love you.  Whether its your choice or not to have white walls, don't let it deter you from living in such a room--if you so desire.

P.S.  Pets and children are certainly allowed.  Just simplify the bed with adding an extra sheet half folded across the bed, go for a very casual bedscape.

Giving A White Bedroom some thought?   Would love to hear from you!

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