Tips On Where To Look For Decor Inspiration

Once I saw a great commercial in which a couple walked into an architect's office, placed a faucet on his desk and asked him to design a home based on the design of the faucet.   This is to say, inspiration for a fabulous home decor or architect can come from just about anywhere.  The key is to select a piece that is in itself a great design.  I love illustrating how you can just go to your closet to find inspiration for home decorating projects.  If you don't want to see the colors of your clothes in your home, you can of course look to other fashions, especially by great designers.  A piece of fabric or furniture are also great sources for that one inspiration. For color schemes, there are so many other places to look, such as nature--the first true, most prolific and spectacular designer.  In lieu of nature, I can also suggest visiting  It's a fabulous source and you can even purchase books of color palates.

But here, let me show you some examples of designs I had created using not only fashion but other items, as well as color palates.

In this scheme, I actually used the colors from the fabric of a pillow I had made, called Pink Cherry Blossom:

Design inspired from a Design Seeds color palate called escape tones:

A favorite set of mine was actually inspired by colors found in a small animal pattern rug:

A chaise lounge in a caramel leather became the focal point for this design.  I love chaise lounges and make my case for adding one to your decor in my very popular post The Case For a Chaise Lounge.

Nature knows no boundaries when it comes to design and color.  If you are timid but want to be bold, well . . . need I say more:

What inspired you on your last decorating project?  How successful were you in achieving the look and feel you wanted?