9 Summer Tablescape Ideas

In any season, a beautiful tablescape can excite our expectations for a wonderful meal--and great company.  I love tablescapes though I have yet to master the art of designing a fabulous one.  And so I decided to investigate elements that make a great tablescape.  What I discovered is that a great tablescape doesn't necessarily have to be an elaborate stage production.  A great tablescape can be as simply as a lovely bouquet for a centerpiece with a simple set of matching dining ware.  Let's look at a few together.

Here's a beautiful beach inspired tablescape from The Frugal Homemaker blog where you can read how the creator had come to design it.  I love the "frugal" color scheme.  White table cloth and dinner ware; natural color in the chargers and tray; ocean blue in the lovely napkins and bell jar candles; and of course the themed elements such as the star fish, shells and other sea items. 


Here's another beach themed tablescape from taste Williams-Sonoma, weekend entertaining on the coast:

I love the abundant use of colorful fabrics, the pillow filled bench and the garden setting in this tablescape example from Eatwell101.com.

The centerpiece below sets the stage with bountiful bouquets, candles in varying sizes and in or on varying holders, bowls of fruits all displayed on a simple runner.  Note that the runner is framed!  A lovely set of dishes and complementing glasses on stems help to tie it all together.  No tablecloth for this masterpiece.

From the blog Slim Paley, Zing!

What could be more inviting than finding yourself sitting at a table dressed in simplicity as the creator here does with a full bouquet of blue hydrangeas, plain white plates topped with metal buckets.  A rustic table, hurricane lantern of course the watering can in the background suggest country and comfort.  A setting where you would want to stay a while.  The design is from finding Home.

In this next example, tall, ornate candle stick holders almost dominate this table but they're well balanced by the bright daisies and the orange and white colors.  Tablescape design is by Anita from Far Above Rubies :

From Far Above Rubies blogspot

From Far Above Rubies blogspot

Inspired by the printed napkin, the designer writes:

I started out with the square rattan chargers from overstock.com, added the Mikasa dinner plate, then layered a green depression glass salad plate. I then used the “Brava Yellow” bowl. This is a big bowl that could be used for a variety of soups, salads, fruit, etc.
— Anita, Far Above Rubies blogspot

On Ciao! Newport Beach blog, I read "pick a theme and run with it."  I very definitely agree.  For me, this is the key to creating a fabulous tablescape, even a very simple one based on lemons!

easy summer tablescapes from Ciao! Newport Beach blog.

easy summer tablescapes from Ciao! Newport Beach blog.

Updates August 2015:

My second most favorite.  Which is my first?  I can't decide!

from Pink Pagoda blog  

from Pink Pagoda blog  

Inspire yet?  I hope so.  Well, I'm off to my porch to polish up a themed tablescape.  Hummm, what theme should I use.

What's your favorite tablescape ideas and the best one you ever created? 
Please, do tell!  Would love to hear from you.


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