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Coastal Inspired Pillows

Coastal Inspired Pillows

Here are three coastal inspired pillows created in the Annsliee shop. 

Imagine these pillows in coastal theme decor.  Well, I did and to help you, I created a couple of inspiring design boards.  Here is the turquoise and stone chevron in the perfect beach setting.  You'll find here other colors often found along coastal areas, such as ocean and sky blue, bright whites, coral and sand.

In the blue daisy throw pillow, drama is created by the size of the flower which is then offset to an upper corner of the pillows.  In the design board below, I used multiple patterns in varying shades of blue.  The floral blue daisy site perfectly in this scheme, giving the library corner nook lots of interest, comfort and appeal.

Obviously, the point of this next design board is if you're not on the coast or near a beach, that's not a problem.  Accessorize a corner nook in a beach theme.  Note how the marine color blue for the wall can be a backdrop for any decor style.  Change out the coral seashell case for another season, as well as the other accessories.  Make that nook do double duty!!  Every inch of your home is a decor prime real estate.

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