Happy Summer Solstice 2014!

In Wilmington, NC, the summer solstice officially arrived this morning at 6:01 AM.  Of course, you know that the day of the summer solstice is the longest day of the year and "heralds the beginning of summer."  Right?  Well, now you know for sure.  So enjoy every minute of it!  The Old Farmer's Almanac has other interesting facts about the summer solstice, as well as some tips on things to do to celebrate it--from lighting a bonfire (in a safe outdoor place, of course) to going fishing to cooking outdoors and a host of other activities.

I for one will celebrate by working!  Boohoo. (I say this with a laughing smile on my face.)  When not doing that, I'll have lunch on my porch and enjoy the summer breeze, a chilled glass of wine and perhaps do a little memory jaunting.  One of my favorite memories goes back to being a little girl, walking into the house and watching white sheer curtains ruffling from soft summer breezes.  Do you sometimes wonder why such pleasant momentary memories remain with us seemingly forever?  My other favorite memory is a summer filled with the same popular song that had seemed to be playing everywhere I went.  Even now I hum it on particularly beautiful, breezy summer days. 

The song?  Summer Breeze , The Isley Brothers 1974 version.  (Okay, so I'm older than . . . .)  To this day, the guitar still rips through my music soul and I dance through the house in sheer joy!  I invite you to hear it for the first or the 100 millionth time! Click HERE or on the image.  (This is on YouTube.)

What's your favorite Summer Solstice celebration?  Did you by any chance join the 36,000 revelers to watch and celebrate the sun rise on Salisbury Plain, England at Stonehenge?  Just kidding!!