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Spice It Up with a Pouf

Spice It Up with a Pouf

Need some extra seating by the coffee table but don't have space for a bulky chair?  How about considering the use of a pouf?

Poufs are becoming quite a trend but some of us don't really see what the use of a pouf would be. In reality, a pouf, which is really a floor pillow, may also seem uncomfortable for some. But with the right pouf, it can provide additional storage, seating and much more, so don’t miss out on pouf madness!

First, let's talk about how to find the right pouf. Like a sofa or mattress, it's always a great idea to try one out first. Certain heights and cushions will make it easy to sit comfortably for a long time. Once you've done the comfort test, think about why you'd like to purchase one: is it for adding color or pattern?  Adding seating?  Adding storage?  Or adding another option for comfort?

Poufs come in all shapes, patterns and colors, so have some fun by challenging yourself to pick something different. Let's say you have a modern setting and would like to add some color. Choosing a pouf could provide just that. If you have furniture that is really square and serious, a good way to lighten up the atmosphere is to pick a soft and fun shape to complement the space. Imagine having friends over and they see an unconventional pouf surrounding a table. The first thing they think about is if they should sit on it; and yes, it will be tempting.

Afraid of pattern? Choosing a pouf with your favorite pattern that goes with the existing scheme will break your pattern fear. Just think about it; poufs are sort of like pillows in a sense that they can accent a space and make it interesting.

Need other reasons to use a pouf?  Well, if you have a favorite side chair that is just begging for some kind of ottoman, using a unique poufs instead would be a great alternative. They are also less expensive than a bulky ottoman. Another good thing is that if you have more than one favorite side chair, carry your pouf around worry free.  Instead of purchasing a side table, poufs also make great "tables". Just place a decorative tray on top and arrange on top. It's about thinking outside the box after all! Free up space if you live in a small home by tucking poufs under a table. They make great space savers since most can be tucked under a console table and pull them out when you have those big parties.

So when it comes down to it, poufs are so versatile that they could be used in any space and it is a unique way to solve a lot of functional decorative issues. 

  Would you consider getting a pouf and for what reason?  

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Valarie Baser graduated from the Chaminade University of Honolulu and studied at the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), where her peers included design contemporaries Nina Garcia (Project Runway), Toni Chi (International Restaurant Designer) and Matthew Patrick Smith (Interior Designer).  Prior to founding her interior design firm, she worked as a Design Assistant for an interior design firm and on a number of theater set projects in Hawaii. 

Valarie is a guest contributor and a fabulous find for Annsliee's blog. Each month, she will be sharing more of her decorating wisdom with you.  Can't wait?  Try her services with a 10% discount.  Just enter coupon code "VMDECOR10" at her Etsy shop.

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