Favorite Handmades March 2014

As you know, I support handmade and artists.  I'm always excited to feature their unique items, explore their raison d'être  and share what I learned with you.  I invite you too to learn about these wonderful artists, shop from them and share with others.  I'm changing the format a bit to show more than just one item from a shop.  Often it's difficult for me to pick just one favorite piece to do justice to their talents.  

My first pick here are fabulous finds from Firecat pottery.  The creator for these fun pottery pieces, Jeannette Jennings, focuses primarily on cats.  However, she also offers an array of other themes, such as "tile, mosaic, fish, botanical, beach themes, dogs, neriage, life casting, coiling, raku, pit firing, and synchronicity." She also does custom work from photos of your cat--or dog.  And she offers gift certificates.  Cat lovers and those wanna-be-cat owners, a pottery plate or sculpture from can be your treasured gift for yourself or someone else.  (The images are click through and will take you directly to listings with more information.) 


Now what could be more classier than a handsome dog sporting a bow tie?  How about a dog sporting a bow tie with a matching dog leach!  The handsome, superbly photogenic model for these creations is Silly Buddy, and he is the name sake for the company.  If you want to dress your dog in class or give a bow tie and leash as a gift, you will need to get on over to the shop right now.  There is a bit of a waiting time for these stylish dog collars and leashes--but the wait is worth it.  


Finally, but definitely not the least is getting something just for yourself.  I just love the decoupage bangles, do check them out.   They can be found at Uniquely U Jewellery, a lovely collection of wood jewellery, designed and created by Katie Joy. The materials for the jewellery are wood, wood decoupage, glass and metal. Katie's jewellery is fashionable and desirable to wear; yet, her process almost appears like fun child's play, as she puts it:   

"You will be surprised how messy I get making my gems. I am covered in saw dust, glue, paint, glitter and the list goes on. What comes out of the rainbow of mess is a glamorous, lovely, wearable treasure. I have no idea how they are created in the confusion of my workspace, they just do. I am always so proud of each one. Then I start over, trudging my way through the muddy local woodland to collect more wood. The mess has already begun. "

 (Click through the images to get more detail and purchase.) 

If you are not already doing so, I hope I have inspired you to search out handmade goods and artisans. Most of them are open to doing custom work just for you, all are true creators who love what they do and want to share there work with others.

Raise your hand if you support Handmade and artisans!