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Throw Pillows: To Chop Or Not Chop

Throw Pillows: To Chop Or Not Chop

A debate or just a preference: to chop your throw pillows or not?  I’ve been reading some interesting articles on decorative pillows written by interior designers on Houzz.com.* The writers insert ample photos of fabulously decorated rooms to make their points. My initial attention is always given to the whole composition of the room. As a maker of decorative pillows, I then give even more attention to these lovely creations. After that, I like to move on to visitor comments. What I find particularly disturbing is the number of comments from readers made about pillows being chopped. Never mind the efforts of the writer’s article; never mind the decorated rooms--the colors, furnishings, decorative accents; and the spectacularly finished walls all coming together beautifully. Never mind any of this. It’s those pillows. Their chopped, karate chopped as some would say. You see, there are at least four ways in how throw pillows are presented: "karate" chopped, straight style, tap on the top and gently tapped inward on the sides or with just a tap only on the top.  

Karate chopping decorative pillows was once a trend but has now gone out of fashion--for some. For them, seeing a chopped pillow is not just bad taste but cause to fixate, circle the poor pillows and denigrate them without mercy with one comment after another, after another. Whether one likes to chop or not to chop their pillows and whether one cares about following trends or not, it seems to me the question is does it work in the composition of the room? And does it please the creator of the decorated room? 

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*Here are a couple of great articles on decorative pillows:

Pointers for Perfectly Styled Pillows  
Learn the Lingo of Cushions  (Features my Turkish corner pillow in dupioni silk silver gray)

What is your preference for presenting your throw pillows:  Chopped or Not?

Designs That Fascinate:  Pierre Lota

Designs That Fascinate: Pierre Lota

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