5 New Changes Coming in 2015 To Annsliee - The Blog


The coming of a New Year is always exciting.  In fact, it's invigorating as we hope and look forward to an even better year.  And that's what's happening at Annsliee.com.  Over the next few months, and some are already starting to take place, new and more exciting changes will be made on the blog--and Annsliee - The Shop.  

  • Look for a new blog face.  It's already coming under construction:  a new banner, colors and page frames. 
  • A slight topic change will focus on Transitional decor designs and apartment living.  It's a popular design style that get's little attention.  Worse, it's too often misunderstood.  At Annsliee, the canvas will more often be reflected in apartment living, a treasure trove where stylish living deserves more attention.  (Of course, other styles will be explored. I love them all, the Traditional, New Traditional, Modern, Shabby Chic, Coastal and others!)
  • You'll be getting better site navigation to more topic-focused blog pages, such as Porch & Garden, a high real estate area for apartment dwellers with porches and balconies.
  • If you are already on the email list, in its stead, you'll get a biweekly newsletter. Don't get alarmed, new posts will be included along with special discounts on Annsliee pillows, heads up info on decorating and even vendors with great buys.  Not on the mailing list?  What are you waiting for?  Sign up!  Use that little form in the sidebar . . . over there . . . on the left ->
  • Number 5 is more of a hope than a change.  It is that you will continue to join me and share your notes on making beautiful homes.  Share your insights for your home decor projects, the successes, even the mishaps--especially you apartment dwellers!  

What are your plans for decor changes in 2015?  Oh please, do tell!


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