To Inspire: 11 Thanksgiving Centerpieces For Small Dining Tables

What could be more beautiful than a holiday centerpiece on a well dressed table!  Did you just say the food, of course?  Okay, I'll give you that one. 

But I'm here to inspire you with gorgeous centerpieces that fit on a small dining table.  For those of you who will be enjoying a more intimate Thanksgiving meal of two to four people, you will more likely do so on a small table.  I love such dining where the food is on a sideboard, a server, an island or even a kitchen counter.  These are great areas for displaying larger centerpieces surrounded by fabulous dishes for the different courses.  For the small table, many of the larger centerpieces can be created and scaled to fit your table.  Or you can opt for smaller centerpieces such as these below.

Ocean Front Shack blog, $5 Centerpiece (see blog for DIY info)

Ocean Front Shack blog, $5 Centerpiece (see blog for DIY info)

From Better Homes And Garden, comes an excellent DIY on how to create this gorgeous Succulent Pumpkin Centerpiece.  It makes a fabulous centerpiece.  Just be sure to purchase a pumpkin scaled for the size of your small table.  One other caution, be careful that it doesn't upstage your outstanding Thanksgiving menu!  


From my small table to yours,

Wishing You A Very Happy Thanksgiving!!


(P.S. My inspired centerpiece turned out to look more like a centerpiece for Christmas!  Well, sometimes that's what happens when walking through the neighborhood and seeing a beautiful weeping holly, called Ilex verticillata Winterberry, show casing its berries!  I assure you, by Thanksgiving day I'll probably replace it with a bouquet of yellow and orange.)