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The Thanksgiving Tablecloth Tradition

The Thanksgiving Tablecloth Tradition


The daughter of my most dearest friend has a Thanksgiving tradition:  Family members and guests each write on a tablecloth for what they are thankful.  They then sign their names and date it.  Each year, while diner preparations are being made and folks wander in and out of the kitchen, previous notes are reread.  New thankful notes are written.  

Children and adults join in on this festive tradition.  Of course there is always someone who loves to read the notes out loud--or at least the funniest or tearfully happy giving of thanks. Dinner is served in the formal dining room where the chatter of being thankful continues.  

Her Thanksgiving tablecloth, always spread on a kitchen table, is made of cotton and linen and the marker used is waterproof, made for writing on cloth.  After the holiday, this tablecloth heirloom is gently washed, pressed and folded, and stored for the next year--and the next generation.

   Persia Lou   blog for her DIY Thanksgiving tablecloth 

Persia Lou blog for her DIY Thanksgiving tablecloth 

Notes:  The Thanksgiving tablecloth is sometimes called the gratitude tablecloth.  You can use a canvas drop cloth to which you or children can also add paintings.  See my post on Inspirations, Tips And Resources For Floor Length Tablecloths.  The project can be done with very neat handwriting or stenciled by one person. But I think the best and most personal are those written by individuals. 


Each year, millions of people across the United States will make the annual pilgrimage to gather with family and friends; share a meal; share stories and aspirations; share their love and appreciation for one another.  There are lot's of other traditions shared on Thanksgiving, such as working at a food bank or church to feed those less fortunate and the homeless.  

Do you have a family tradition?  Oh please, do share!


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