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Add A Statement Chandelier To Your Dining

Add A Statement Chandelier To Your Dining

From the ambiance it creates to the sheer beauty of it's form to it's basic function, a statement chandelier is simply a must have.  They come in a multitude of styles, shapes and materials.  And in prices that will fit almost any budget. Your biggest hurdle will be deciding which one!  I prefer to categorize chandeliers under just two styles:  contemporary/modern and traditional. 

If you're looking to carry forward your decor style, choose a completing style.  Looking to mix it up with modern and tradition?  Then look to a style counterpoint to what you have.

In a quandary about size and placement?  From Real Simple.com, here is a great suggestion.

Go for a fixture one-half to three-quarters the width of the table; anything larger will cast shadows on faces. Hang the light 36 to 48 inches above the table. Choose the lower number for more intimacy, the higher one if you want to stand when toasting.

Contemporary to Modern Chandeliers

The chandelier is by Lindsey Adelman.  I absolute love her lighting creations.  This one is particularly interesting because you can purchase the kit and assemble the pieces to fit your own creative vision.  Can you mix the old with the new?  Very definitely, as you can see in this next image, her five globe branching bubble chandelier hangs from an ornate acanthus leaf ceiling medallion.

From the Crystal Skye collection, Kichler creates crystal prism chandeliers that reflect light in every direction.

Love this next contemporary interpretation on a rose petal and the industrial chandelier that follows in the subsequent image. 

Discovered this lovely purple decor with the globe chandeliers on Decor Pad. Design is by Martha O'Hara Interior

Looking for a more traditional style chandelier?

In this category, I lump the tiered and crystals, all of which have a draped effect.  They lend a more formal look.  But don't be afraid to mix them in a contemporary or modern setting.

Here is one of my most favorite chandeliers.  It's so simple in design; yet, offers a touch of relaxed formality.  The dining setting is wonderfully inviting.  Can't you just see yourself sitting and chatting at the table with guests, long after the meal was finished.  Ah, an those gorgeous slip covered chairs.  You know how I feel about slip covers.  Right?  No, well I'll just defer you to one of my most popular posts  The Case For A Custom Made Slipcover, May 02, 2013

   Pinterest   - Canadian Log Cabin Homes.com

Pinterest - Canadian Log Cabin Homes.com

 French empire chandelier

French empire chandelier

Apartment Living With A Statement Chandelier

  Apartment Therapy  by Shelto, Mindel & Associates

Apartment Therapy by Shelto, Mindel & Associates

   Elle Decor  , Decorator for this Paris apartment is Christophe Périchon

Elle Decor, Decorator for this Paris apartment is Christophe Périchon

As you may know, I live in an apartment.  My crystal chandelier is packed away in a box but not for much longer.  The most difficult task in having bought it was deciding which chandelier because there were simply so many to choose from.  That was 10 years ago! 

The choices now are even more phenomenal.  Some of these inspiring examples may look out of reach.  I assure you, once you've decided on a design, you will be able to find similar, less expensive ones of the most priciest ones you find. 

So I say don't look at the price tag first but at styles you love that complement your dining vision.  Then look for a version that fits your budget.  The most important thing is to add a statement chandelier to your dining.  You'll love the lighting!

Already have a statement chandelier?  Is one on your wish list or is it being shipped? 
Please do tell!

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