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Google Glass And Interior Decorating

Google Glass And Interior Decorating

think outside the box . . . and imagine

think outside the box . . . and imagine

Too soon to imagine, wish for or predict using Google Glass for interior decorating?  Not really.  

I spent 13 years in system development, servicing a human resources office.  When I started, 98% of the forms were completed on paper.  Tearing pen and paper out of the hands of the specialists, giving them a mouse and computer met with more skepticism than hope.  Responses were expressed with large eye-ball rolling, in-your-face sneering,--occasionally verbal expletives.  With each implementation of a new application, the complaints were typed in single line, small print on reams of paper.  While a second ream of paper was quickly filled with requests for more features and functionalities:  "We need more doo-hickies in the program! Can you make a doo-hicky do this?  Can you make it do that?  Can you reverse the doo-hicky to a hicky-doo, make it spin, jump up and down, then flash with warning messages.  No, no this is not a new requirement!"  The cycle repeated itself over and over.  Even the I-love-my-paper-and-pen-forms diehards joined the choirs for new features, more functionalities.  And so it is with each new technology, we just clamor for more doo-hickies.

A Google Glass app for home decorating may be in a galaxy far, far away. But I just can't help imagining the possibilities.  If you are not already aware of Google Glass, you may be asking "what is it?"   

In short, it's a wearable computer attached to a frame, similar to wearing glasses.  It get's it name from the small glass prism (the screen) located just above the right eye.  The beta version which became available 2013 from Google was $1500.00 but by now you would be lucky just to get on the waiting list.  The Glass Explorer beta version performed seven functions:

  1. Make a phone call
  2. Send a message
  3. Get directions
  4. Take a picture
  5. Record a video
  6. Access Google+ hangouts
  7. Perform Google search

At the writing of this post, Google Glass Explorer Edition XE V2 is available on Amazon with prices ranging from $1659.00 to $2,499.99.  But don't rush off to Amazon.  That Explorer Edition is still the beta version, not the expected app enhanced version for the general consumer.  Moreover, prices for the general public are expected to be much reduced.   (Note: Microsoft and Apple are also working on their version of a wearable computer.)  

 So what does Google Glass look like?  

Catch this video review by Lucy Hedges and get a feel what it was like to wear the Google Glass Explorer Edition, the beta edition. (Click on the image to play the video.)  

If you prefer to just read a review, I found a more recent exceptional read Review:  Google Glass Explorer Edition 2.0 by Will Shanklin, a contributor for Gizmag.




Now that you know something about Google Glass, here's were I begin . . . 


You're an interior designer, a decorator or just a DIY kind of person and you are the happy, face-glowing owner of a Google Glass. It's enhanced with an interior designing app from out of this world!  Your first project is to redo the master suite.  The blessings of heaven are upon you because all furnishings and window treatments have been removed.  You get to start with a blank slate and a fabulous theme:  "Suite Haven."  The occupant is female, wanting a "room of her own."  It must ooze with comfort yet rejuvenate; feminine but not frilly; accommodate multiple activities from resting to writing to watching TV.  Each area must gently flow into the next.  

You think, soft, neutral colors with a touch of heat, hard wood floors to ground the light colors.  Furnishings are over-stuffed arm chairs, a vintage chair with a shag seat cushion juxtaposed with the simply lines of a modern desk.  Of course, the bed is the focal point. You walk the edges and corners of the floor, stopping to gaze out the windows into the garden,  The room is expansive with space sufficient for a king size bed, a sitting area and small library for private reading, a writing table and chairs for a private breakfast; and of course a wall mounted TV over a fireplace.  While we're at it, bring in built in speakers, floor to ceiling window treatment. Oh dear, I digress!

It's time to take off your shoes and you sit on floor with your back against a wall.  You pull out your Google Glass and  start with a series of commands:

  • " OK Glass, what is the size of this room?"  The computer projects sight lines and gives you the measurements.  
  • "OK Glass, save the measurements to each wall."
  • "OK Glass, take a picture with measurements"
  • "OK Glass, save the picture to my private Google+ page called "Suite Haven."  

You have some great ideas but decide to search the internet for more inspiration:

  • "OK Glass, go to my Pinterest boards, start with bedrooms.  You search through several boards, select and save a few for color and layout to your mood board.  With each selection you viewed it against the backdrop of the room.
Found on Pinterest

Found on Pinterest

Found on Pinterest

Found on Pinterest

Sally Wheat Oil Paint

Sally Wheat Oil Paint

You like the shades of corals and white scheme but think a soft lilac, green and natural wood for accenting.  

 "OK Glass, search Google for coral and white fabric."   After a while, you select a few possibilities and give Glass a command to save them to your mood board.  It's almost lunch and you have just enough time to search through a few paint chips for the walls.  

"OK Glass, search Benjamin and Moore neutral colors for interiors."  You quickly find a few possibilities and add them to your mood board.



Before you go off to lunch, you make a few calls and check messages:

"OK Glass, call . . . .

"OK Glass, check my messages"

Dear reader, you get the picture of my world for using Google Glass with home decorating?  That's right, you would capture those initial ideas before even committing them to paper, yet have them on a draft mood board to later edit.  Select colors, fabric and furnishing and view them right against the back drop of the room you are in.  Wouldn't it be cool to create your  mood board with all the pieces in place, send it to your client (who of course would have a Google Glass!) and then they could see their new room  in the room!

"Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable" and 


"OK Glass, search for Annsliee handmade pillows."

How would you use Google Glass or imagine you would  use it or does it even peak your interest?  

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