New Year! New You? Get Real!

people woman taking notes.jpg

And get honest. If you make resolutions every new year but fail to keep them, then you know what I mean.  It's so easy to make those lists of things we want to change.  We even make an action plan:  I'm going to the gym 3x a week; I'm going to eat healthier; I'm going to be more organized.  And it goes on and on and on.  We mean well and have good intentions but the truth is, life gets in the way.   I don't have a 5-step or 10-step or 20-step recommendation.  I have only one suggestion:  Give yourself 10-15 minutes first thing in the morning to organize yourself, your day but take it one day at a time.  Or make it part of your evening just before the bedtime ritual, like brushing your teeth. 

You know when you first wake up, there is that moment of total clarity of thought.  Your mind is clear.  But two seconds later, things to do and places to be start crowding in your thoughts.  Already, you have nearly lost control.  It can't always be helped.  So I say, give yourself a specific time as early as possible that is all yours--collect your thoughts, write an action plan for the day.  No, I'm not saying you shouldn't have short or long term plans or resolutions or goals.  Call it what you will.  These to do's are necessary.  But just take it one day at a time.

Okay, you have a husband or wife or significant other and small children.  Tell your partner your new plan to give yourself that much needed organize-myself-my-thoughts.  They'll understand that you need that little bit of time. It's those little ones whose needs must be taken care of first.  Here's where being creative to grab that 10-15 minutes comes to play.  Ask your partner to take over the little ones.  Get up earlier before they wake.  If the evening is best, then when they've gone to sleep.  Try even asking them to share a quiet time with you but give them something to do.  Use a funny clock and show them when the little hand is here, give mommy a big hug and kiss.  Share with them what you decided.  Thank them for that time. Let's face it, children are much more savvy than we give them credit.

Of course, if there is no significant other or children in the home, you have the luxury of setting aside time to organize yourself, your day.  Why not reward yourself too with something special, like a hazel nut dry cappuccino and cinnamon scone from Starbucks (Okay  . . . so I'm a Starbucks junkie!); a most favorite CD; a hot shower and bath oil scrub; send a happy email or text note to a friend.  Or just finish with a look in the mirror, smile and think "how wonderfully, clever I am! 

I must confess, I do have days, more than I would like, that start in a chaotic rush and I let the day get ahead of me.  But many days do start with just that bit of time to collect and organize myself, my day.  I love those days.