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Keep It Simple

Keep It Simple

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Make It Simple, But Significant.  I ran across this image on Pinterest.  It's an ad for men suits.  Yet, the statement also applies to decorating your home.   It's easy to get lost in a decorating project when furnishings, accessories and colors start to overtake you.  For example, a stunning sofa you saw in a photo or at a store becomes a must have.  Though it is not in the original plan you succumb to its attraction.  Next you have to fit it into the scheme but you don't know where or how.  Worse, it doesn't quite complement what you have or The Plan.  Do you buy more and throw something else out? The list just goes on and on.  It doesn't really have to if you just remember to "keep it simple, but significant."

 Dresser From   Ivy and Vine

Dresser From Ivy and Vine

Clearly the significant object in the above vignette is the fabulous coral chest with other objects providing supporting roles.  The vignette does have complexity, such as the ikat fabric pattern on the chair and in the grouping of the objects on the chest.  Yet, there is simplicity in the limited color scheme:  coral, taupe, brown, silver and white.     


It doesn't take a big budget to bring simplicity and significance to your space.  The corner bed below has a city skyline for its wall headboard.  The color scheme and number of objects makes this simple space.  Even the single, naked light bulb has a significant presence. 

Headboard drawing 5e0276b4b4ec852bba7b1dcfd225c4fe.jpg

The sitting area in the photo below is small.  But notice that each piece is well designed and can stand on its own.  Even the flooring makes a significant statement.  The color value brings it all together in that one piece does not over power the other pieces.  From the wall color, the chandelier to the painting (a focal point offering other colors) to the stools to the floor, it all comes together as a simple but significant statement.  Did you notice two more simple but significant statements?  If you guessed the beautiful floor boards and the crown molding, then you read my mind.  

Benches In Sm Space 4c7514280b56d5041761f44c53161883.jpg
 From   Home Adore

Often when we think of simple, as pertaining to decor, we think of sleek, minimalism and neutral colors, such as in the photo above.  But simple can also mean an uncomplicated color scheme.  Notice how there are a lot of "stuff" and patterns in the photo vignette below.  On the surface it does appear complex.  Yet, it can be called simple, and of course significant, because the color scheme is a variation on just a few colors: 

 Found on Pinterest

Found on Pinterest

Simple but significant whether its your decor or your fashion does require careful and perhaps brutal editing.  Knowing where and when to stop adding is key.  So how do you know?  Start with just one item that can stand alone and command attention, carefully add the next supporting star.  Remove it if it clashes, keep it if it can stand with or without your main star!  Good luck and have fun!

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