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Shopping My Etsy Favorites #3

Shopping My Etsy Favorites #3

About once a month I love to rummage through my list of favorite items from shops on Etsy.  There are so many wonderful artists and craft artists on Etsy, I sometimes find it difficult to choose but I do manage.  Here are four of my favorites for July: 

  "Mobile Jacket" from   STEFANEK

"Mobile Jacket" from STEFANEK

The jacket is made from strips of denim fabric, using a technique that varies the not only the size of the fabric but also the stitches.  The creator describes it as

This technique creates handmade fabric that accentuates the form of the human body, evokes sculpture, yet remains functional. It is so comfy to wear.
Similar work in the collection of Casoria International Contemporary Art Museum in Naples, Italy. 

Ms. Stefanek is an international textile artist.  For more of her wearable fabric sculptures, don't miss a visit to her shop.

 "Young Woman Tiled Head Skeptical" from VH  McKenzie

"Young Woman Tiled Head Skeptical" from VH McKenzie

VH McKenzie works in water colors and oils.  But for me, it's her pen and ink drawings in black and white.  With few lines, she captures the essence of her subject.  The drawing are small and inexpensive, making it easy to purchase a collection--the best way to go!  One just isn't enough. 

 Asymmetrical Necklace in Red, Yellow and Amber Fiber from  Gigulim  

Asymmetrical Necklace in Red, Yellow and Amber Fiber from Gigulim 

Hagar Arnon Elbaz is the creator of hand rolled fiber jewelry and shop owner for Gigulim.  Rich fiber colors are uniquely shaped into earrings, bracelets and necklaces.  If you are looking for the unusual in jewelry, her shop is definitely the place to go to.  I find it very difficult to select a favorite, favorite piece!

And last, I would like to introduce you to Funkytiles shop where you can get hand painted tiles.  They're fun little pieces.  The sizes are generally 2" square.  But no harm in asking if you want a larger piece.

  Sunny Days  Set of 4 N1808

Sunny Days Set of 4 N1808

Annsliee Owner Makes Local News

Annsliee Owner Makes Local News

Decorative Pillows:  Pile 'Em On

Decorative Pillows: Pile 'Em On