Floor Pillows

Remember those floor pillows that were, and apparently still are, popular in the late 60's and early 70's?   Guess I will be telling my age when I confess that I certainly remember them, especially the black man-made leather ones.  Oh, how I thought they were soooo cool!

The Wiki gives a historical blurb on those floor pillows once called "bean bags" that were filled with such materials as dried beans, PVC pellets or polystyrene.   

bean bag 800px-Sitzsack-Studio.jpg

The original "bean bags," were

Designed by an Italian company named Zanotta in 1969,[1] beanbags have become a globally recognised piece of furniture. The first beanbag chairs were called Soccos which were pear-shaped leather bags filled with styrofoam beans and are still in production today.
Piero Gatti, Cesare Paolini and Franco Teodoro are credited with being the original designers at Zanotta, it’s said they noticed that staff would sit on bags filled with styrofoam during their coffee and cigarette breaks.
— Wikipedia
Designs for the contemporary Western floor style pillow has come a long, long way:  more creative, more colorful and just down right exciting for adults and children!  See what I mean:

In the above image, you are viewing floor pillows from Pebble-Pillows.com.  The pillows, as the company describes, were inspired by nature.  You can purchase them in a variety of sizes and designs.  Head on over to the site and see for yourself, it's fun just to browse their fabulous collection.


From Home Tone  on Top 10 Cool and Creative Floor Pillows

From Home Tone  on Top 10 Cool and Creative Floor Pillows

Clearly these young people are enjoying these floor pillows (From left to right, found on  Jos Home Design and the last one on Apartment Therapy

The floor pillow in the first image can be done as an easy weekend project.  Your children will love lounging and playing with the many shapes that can be formed.  Here's a quick You Tube video by Jacklyn Kaye on how to make one:






For the adults, wishing to satisfy the aesthetic side of their home decor, here are a few fabulous examples and ideas on just how upscale one can go with floor cushions:

From My Begin on modern floor pillows 

From My Begin on modern floor pillows 

Pompaii.com  -astounding floor pillow ideas

Pompaii.com  -astounding floor pillow ideas

tumblr_m1x6esFKlT1r3u7ego1_1280--floor pillows for tv viewing.jpg

My most favorite floor pillows are these from Roche-Bobois 

Mah Jong modular sofa designed by Hans Hopfer

Mah Jong modular sofa designed by Hans Hopfer

6a01287699c3f2970c01310fdebaac970c-800wi -LOTS OF COLORS.jpg

Indeed, the floor pillow has found its way into the upscale arena for home decorating.  Comfort is still the focus, but the designs and colors add charm and elegance. I only make decorative pillow covers but these fabulous interpretations for a collection of decorative cushions and pillow have definitely inspired me to want to do a couple of projects such as those shown above. 

If you're thinking of adding floor pillows, consider this:

  • Purchase floor pillows with inserts, especially those for children.  Make sure the fabric can be thrown in a washing machine (is the fabric pre-washed?).  You'll also be able to change out the cover whenever it suits you or the old one wears out.
  • For the more tailored look, such as those in that last image, consider medium weight or light weight upholstery fabric.  You'll be able to find such fabric in corduroy, velvet, wool, and most blends. 
  • If you are not in the position or simply don't care to do it yourself, a good upholsterer or even a sewer who makes pillows would be a good source.  
  • You can find many online sources for ready made floor pillows.  Here's one link to an inexpensive collection on Overstock.  
  • Above all, have fun making your selections!!

Already have a floor pillow collection?  Tell me about it!  Oh, please do share your story and images.

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