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A Tour of The Salvaged Home

A Tour of The Salvaged Home

Recently, one of Annsliee's most popular lumbar pillows was shown in a master bedroom decor on apartmenttherapy.com.  It was a tour of Sarah and Brian Meek's  lovely home, a 1000 square foot "salvaged" home.  In her blog, Sarah takes us on their journey of buying an old house, tearing down a wall to open up the place, and purchasing treasured finds from Craigslist to Ikea to estate sales to West Elm to even a "garbage pick." 

Their decorating scheme is especially interesting:  a neutral background wall color, soft medium gray, that ties the rooms together and then splash the rooms with accent colors, such as green, medium dark wood furnishing, and yellow being one of the dominant accents.  Keeping the gray wall color scheme from becoming too monotonous, they change it up in one room with an exciting gray and white reinterpreted chevron pattern.  Decorating is always a challenge and it often never seems to end.  But when approached as a journey, with lots of love, patience, and just plain hard work, every effort is a reward to be savored.  Two thumbs up to the Meeks on a successful "salvaged home" project!

Is that an old metal shelf painted green to complement the mirror frame?  Great textures, mix of styles and earthy colors.

Great reinterpretation of a chevron pattern on the wall.

Great reinterpretation of a chevron pattern on the wall.

The gray is even brought into the kitchen above the cabinets but they introduced a gray squares under the cabinets, and again their is a splash of the happy color of yellow.

The collection of photos and prints in white frames both contrast and balance the wood cabinet, a lovely and successful vignette!

Gray is a cool, no nonsense neutral color.  Here it is paired with a warm happy color such as yellow and becomes a stable foundation that ties the whole house together.  Of course, I must point your attention to one of Annsliee's most popular lumbars taking center state on the bed!  The fabric is a yellow organic denim accented with white cotton duck.

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