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17 Tall Cocktail Table Ideas For Informal Dining And Entertaining

17 Tall Cocktail Table Ideas For Informal Dining And Entertaining

The best decision I had made about dining was to get rid of a formal dining set and purchase a tall cocktail table.  I do have a dining nook that comfortably seats 3.  When my guest list is beyond that, I can easily accommodate 16+ people buffet style.  Of course, I don't serve spaghetti or ribs at such gatherings.  But I have had wine tasting and mystery parties, as well as book club meetings and just wine and cheese with this set up.

A tall coffee table should be at least 20" high.  The width and length will depend upon your space.   However, 36" or more in depth is preferable.  Unfortunately, you may need a sleuth to locate a good selection with this dimension.  Still, two smaller ones that will give you that dimension is okay.  Here are 17 great inspirational living rooms with tall coffee tables conducive to informal dining.  All were gleaned from Houzz.com.     

You'll notice that some of these examples are in homes and not apartments; however, the same design scheme applies.  You would just need to adjust it to suite you living room and of course taste.  

The next tall coffee table image is excellent for intimate and romantic meals.  The height is perfect.  

Below, it's clear that even a studio can enjoy the layout of a tall coffee table for informal dining!

I absolutely adore this last room for its color palette and sophistication.  Oh, looks like a chaise lounge getting front and center display space.  You know I love chaise!  Did you read my post on The Case For A Chaise Lounge?

Hope you're making greater use of your coffee table than just to display accessories and books--though these are always fabulous items to enjoy.  You can just move them around when you want to dine and entertain using the coffee table.  

By the way, how are you using your coffee table?  Love to hear from you!

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