That's me in the pink.  At age 66, I had completed my first ever 5K ride for breast cancer while in Tavares FL.  

Oh,  I'm Shirley, creator of Annsliee, the blog on making an apartment a beautiful, actually I mean classy, place to live whatever the decor style. I also design and make of creations in textile.  

That's Susan, my assistant and CEO for Canine Social Activities.    


My Story

It takes place from my tree-top apartment in Wilmington, N.C.  I'm retired.  An age when most of my friends are bored with home decorating, even cooking.  I'm not.   After downsizing from a single family home to a lovely and somewhat large two bedroom apartment, I find myself on another home adventure in apartment living.

 And so I blog about it to share my experiences and inspire others to create an apartment home they love.

I have a home studio (presently undergoing a major decor change) where I get to do what I love:  create and design with textile. I'm a textile artist working in mixed media: hand paint pieces of organza silk that is then stitched together.  I sketch vignettes on the silk, scorch it, etc. to ceate small tapestries that are then framed in a contemporary shadow box fashion.  

When I'm not exploring with organza silk,  I design and create embroidered word pillows.  I sell them in my shop and here online.  And yes, I do custom orders for clients who have personal sayings they want to enshrine on pillows.  These are always fun to do.

If you rummaged through my collected albums of photographs, you would find me in cap and gown receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; books of photos of my two years as a Peace Corps volunteer in The Gambia, West Africa; a fun stint working in Costa Rica; travels to many parts of the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, France and England; a multitude home decorating projects; years of gardening projects, including five as a master gardener volunteer;  two Soft Coated Wheaten terriers, now in canine heaven, and my current Portuguese water dog I call Susan;  me at age 66 and first time ever riding and finishing a 5K cycle for breast cancer research; and of course boxes and boxes of photographs capturing many family gatherings.

My Favorites:

Desserts:  tiramisu and creme brulee.      Sport:  walking my CEO.    Relaxations:  gardening and stretched out on a sofa reading     

What I miss most:  life in Northern Virginia.  My bucket list:  whatever I'm doing at the moment.



Easy listening: